ABOUT THIS WEBSITE: My name is Donna Hale Chandler and I’d like to thank you for visiting my website.  This site was created a number of years ago and is referenced in most of my early books.  For that reason we still maintain it and you can read a synopsis about all of the books written by Donna Hale Chandler or Richard Lee King on this site.  (Please see below ABOUT OUR BOOKS)

However, if you wish to place an order for any of these books it would be much more important for you to check out our new blog which is maintained on a daily basis. Discounted prices and autographed copies of all of our books are available at that blog which is titled Am I the only one and can be accessed at the following link:  https://www.amitheonlyone.blog 

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For Richard Lee King’s books that link is: www.amazon.com/author/richard-lee-king/

Below you will find a complete listing of all of our books with a short synopsis describing the content.

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  • "Got your book yesterday and finished it last night - couldn't put it down. It made me cry ......... Then I laughed out loud over your trip to Lex airport and cried again.........."
    Jeanie Stevens Creamer
    High School Classmate of the author
  • "I'm enjoying reading your book. I love your granddaughters. You mom would have been so proud of you......................."
    Mary Wilson
    Long-Time friend of the author's deceased mother
  • "Emtions well portrayed, excellent write .........."
    A.W. Nutter
    author of: Daddy's Game