I was the older of two children.  My younger sister was 32 when she died in a car crash, leaving behind two young sons, a husband, and many others (including me) who loved her and miss her every day.



7/9/1956 – 12/2/1988

Many years ago, 

when I was barely seven,
Mother brought home a baby girl,
saying she’d been sent from heaven.
A little sister, I thought,
as my heart filled up with joy
Isn’t she the cutest thing? 
She'll be my brand new toy.
I thought she was a doll
until her diaper began to stink.
And she wasn't so cute when she cried
until her little face turned bright pink.
My mother thought it cute
when she sewed us matching dresses.
I thought I was too big
and protested by making ugly faces.


 Several years passed
and when I asked to borrow the car.
The answer would be yes,
 If I’d take my little sister and not go too far.”

 No one had much money,
so when I began to date,
my boyfriend could sit with the family,
but wasn’t allowed to stay very late.

  He and I would watch TV.
Little sister just watched us.
I thought she was a little pest
and wanted her on the very next bus.

 But time continued passing 
and eventually we both grew.
She became my best friend,
no longer the pest that I once knew.

 In time we both married
and wound up living miles apart.
We’d spend hours on the phone,
sharing matters of the heart.

 She was a beautiful, witty woman,
who could always make me smile,
even though we were separated
by so very many miles.

 Then came that terrible day
in December of eighty eight
heading to get her boy's from school
hurrying because she was late.

 Her husband drove up on the accident
as he came home from afar.
He thought to himself, “That looks fatal,”
then he recognized her car.

 A head-on collision
involving her car and a truck.
Both drivers lost their lives,
both vehicles twisted into junk

  Two families grieved that day.
Two sons lost their mother,
A husband lost a wife
and one sister lost another.

 The wreck was so horrific,
the casket would remain closed.
Why those things happen,
no one really knows.

 That fatal day was years ago,
your sons are now grown men,
but you haven't been forgotten
we still mourn you now and again.

 When I was barely seven,
”From Heaven,” Mother said you came.
I know you're now there waiting
and that you suffer no more pain.


© copyright Donna Hale Chandler





She was diagnosed with an inoperable brain
tumor, and a short 7 weeks later, at the young age of 58, was taken from those who loved her so very much





6/26/1951 ~ 3/22/2010


(Added 5/17/13) 


Judy was my sister-in-law,
truly remarkable in every way.
She was taken far too soon 
and I miss her every day. 


 Judy always had a beautiful smile,
a smile that would light up a room.
She brought happiness with her always,
never dwelling on gloom or doom.

 Judy’s favorite color was bright red,
and in it, she looked ‘out of this world’.
Her radiance came from the inside out.
She really was a one-in-a-million girl.

Judy loved all her family and friends,
husband, and granddaughters, brothers and sisters.
All who met her immediately adored her
and can’t put into words how much they’ll miss her.

 Judy touched so many lives, every single day.
Now she’s at rest and the angels are singing.
The world has been enriched by Our Judy
and the joy that she was always bringing.

 Judy, know that you will be remembered
for your kindness and your beauty.
We love you and won’t forget
the lovely lady that your were truly.


So rest peacefully dear sweet Judy

as you brighten the heavens above.
I know those who've gone before
welcomed you with open arms and love. 




© copyright Donna Hale Chandler